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They are children who ski down the slopes of a mountain balancing on one foot. Why? They don’t have two.

They are autistic children who see acceptance in the eyes of a horse.

They are coaches who take their job off the court, past the field and out of the arena.

Game Changers make a difference. They alter the way we look at the game.

I recognize a Game Changer by passion, commitment and perseverance.

I also recognize a Game Changer by memory. Their exuberance is contagious -- it stays with you and forms an impression that simply refuses to fade.

When I was growing up my mom told me, "When you look yourself in the mirror you have to be happy with the person who is looking back."

It was her way of telling me that it's not what everyone else thinks that matters, but what I think that matters. That expression has satyed with me through the years of junior high, high school, college and still today.

"You have to be able to look yourself in the mirror."

Game Changers motivate me to live that expression to the fullest. Without a doubt, I believe we must strive to be comfortable in our own skin. Yet, I also believe that we must look beyond ourselves and find people who encourage us to be better human beings.

Who better to motivate us as individuals than those who beat the odds, those who stay true to themselves no matter what society says -- those who spend their lives giving back.

Who better to motivate us than Game Changers?

We want to hear about your Game Changer -- Email us your Game Changer.

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