Exclusive Preview of Gastronomica

Below, The Feast brings you an exclusive preview of Gastronomica, a quirky thinking-person's foodie quarterly. We've got three of the Summer issue's features in advance (it drops May 18).

The first read, "Muse," provides an in-depth look at the "round, lumpy, fecund" pomegranate which "represents fertility and eternal life in many cultures" despite having something in common with a hand grenade. Next up is "Harmony of the Spores," a portrait of "brainy mushroom psuedo-academic" mycologist John Cage and his passionate relationship with fungi.

Last, there's "Catfish and the Controversy at the Okie Noodling Tournament," in which we learn about the practice of "noodling," (or handfishing) catfish in Oklahoma, an activity that involves heading underwater, putting your fist down the gullet of a catfish while getting "tore up pretty good," and wrestling with the massive sea creatures.

If these pique your interest, get reading (click on the link if the articles don't automatically embed below). [The Feast]

Gastronomica Summer Issue Preview

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