Enterprising Phillies Fans do Kegstands on the Train Home

If Philadelphia fans are known for anything besides booing and throwing things, it’s heavy drinking. Which is why I was so glad to see

The 700 Level

unearth this delightful video of fans doing kegstands on the train home from Saturday night’s game (Warning: Video contains a scattering of barely audible profanity).

And really, why NOT do a keg stand while on a high-speed passenger train? Sure, the train could stop short and you could end up having your jaw ripped off by the tap. And you could potentially injure many innocent bystanders, even kids. But the Phillies are UNBEATEN, man! First place! They crushed Houston! They could go 162-0! THE STARS FORETOLD IT. This is already destined to be a championship season, so you may as well start celebrating now, in the most irresponsible manner humanly possible. Next week, I’m told fans will begin eating firecrackers and shooting at pigeons. YOU CAN’T STOP THE PHILLIES KEGSTAND TITLE EXPRESS!

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