Eagles Cheerleaders' Heroes

Find out who they look up to -- it's all about family.

Some of the Philadelphia Eagles Cheerleaders were kind enough to share their personal heroes with NBCPhiladelphia.com.

Veteran cheerleader Amy said her mother is her hero. "She is a woman who is strong, intelligent and well-accomplished -- someone who I strive to be like each day of my life," said Amy.

D'Arcy, a squad rookie, added her dad to her list of heroes. "I don't have just one hero -- my parents are my heroes," she said.

She notes their hard work and care towards their children as reason why she looks up to to her parents.

Jennifer, a four-year vet, also lists her parents as her heroes because they are hard workers.

Veteran cheerleader Priscilla expands even further on her heroes. Her entire family serves as her inspiration. 

"They have always supported my dreams, decisions and my endeavors -- we support each other. I feel very blessed," she said.

Thanks to the Eagles Cheerleaders for sharing some secrets with NBCPhiladelphia.com throughout the season -- go Birds!

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