Diana's Vintage-Classic Chic

When we spotted Diana strutting her stuff down East Passyunk Avenue, we were inspired by her effortless style. She was the epitome of menswear-chic; her get-up an eclectic mix of new and vintage items, from her oversized sunglasses, fringed scarf, and fitted cord blazer, all the way down to her shiny Evan Picone pumps.

On her way to work at a popular East Passyunk Avenue pub, Diana took a moment to entertain our flagdown and give insight into her vintage-meets-classic look.

Tell us about this outfit. Who and what are you wearing, and where did you buy each piece?
Vintage Evan Picone pumps: my mother's; scarf: H&M; Boy Scout belt: Salvation Army; vintage De Mura blazer and oversized sunglasses: both from Retrospect; boy's plaid shirt and jeans: Target; diamond studs: a gift.

Shopping in the boys' section: genius! How does this look reflect your overall style?
[It's a] mix of vintage and classic. I'm into having base pieces that are easy to dress up or down. And I don't believe in spending a lot on trendy items.

Which piece from this outfit is your favorite, and why?
The pumps. They're incredibly versatile. I've had the heels replaced three times. I refuse to give them up. Thanks, Mom.

What inspired you to don this particular outfit today?
I try to look good everyday, no matter where I go or what I'm doing. I also like to be comfortable and never like to look overdone.

What are your some of your favorite Philly boutiques?
Lost & Found and Sweet Jane Vintage. I find something that suits my style every time I go. Plus, both shops have great jewelry.

What's taking up the most room in your closet right now?
Shoes and dresses. But mostly shoes.

What trend do you wish would just shrivel up and die?
Cheaply-made, knock-off Christian Louboutin platform pumps.

Finally, what fashion advice can you offer our readers?
Buy good shoes; your feet will thank you in the long run.

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