Is D-Jax Indispensable?

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Eagles wideout DeSean Jackson has made it no secret throughout the off-season and training camp that he is looking to get paid -- even if he wasn’t talking to the press about his demands.

Well an piece could give D-Jax even more reason to demand the dough. ESPN’s Matt Mosley named DeSean as the Eagles “most indispensable” player.

I believe Jackson is now the most dangerous player in the league. Whether it's on punt returns or crossing patterns, he constantly puts pressure on the other team.  

Having a player who is that dangerous can cover up mistakes in other areas. The Eagles feel like they're never out of a game because of players such as Jackson and Jeremy Maclin. Jackson won't have as many catches as Maclin this season, but he'll find the end zone at least 12 times when you combine his punt returns and receiving touchdowns.

We all made a huge deal of Devin Hester a few years ago, but obviously Jackson is the more complete player. Someone pay this man so he can go on about his business.

It should be noted that ESPN’s list of the most indispensable player on each NFL team had the caveat that the player named could be anyone but the quarterback.

It’s likely that even with Kevin Kolb in the running that D-Jax would still be No. 1 on the Birds list. He really does stretch the field like no other player in green. He’s a weapon on special teams (441 yards), in the passing game (1,167 yards) and in the rushing game (137 yards) -- he could be a sleeker version of what Brian Westbrook once was for the Eagles.

Oh yeah and the guy had 12 total TDs last season.

Some people like fellow Birds Nest blogger Brian Solomon don't see the full value of Jackson but I do. Yes, I think D-Jax is the most indispensable, vital, critical, important -- whatever word you want to use to describe it -- Eagle.

As for showing off those skills...

Rather than using the silent treatment to make his case to be a better paid weapon, it seems that Jackson realized that the best way to get what he wants is to do what he does best -- play football.

“I'm just here to work,” Jackson said when he broke his silence Wednesday. “As far as everything else I could care less about anything.”

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