Chrissy Houlahan, Running for Pennsylvania Congress in the 2018 Midterm Elections

Chrissy Houlahan

Office Sought: Pennsylvania Congress (6th District)

Political Party: Democrat

Age: 52

Campaign Website:

Slogan: There's Work To Be Done

No. of Tweets: 822

No. of Facebook Followers: 5,525

Biography: The daughter of a Holocaust survivor and career naval officer, Houlahan was a captain in the Air Force, earning her engineering degree from Stanford with an ROTC scholarship. She's taught chemistry in North Philly, led various local nonprofit organizations, and worked as a member of Teach for America.

On the Issues: 

"Access to healthcare is a fundamental human right, not something reserved for the wealthy or for those who don’t need it. Such access can only come from an insurance system in which we all participate, sharing coverage, risks, and costs. Rather than responsibly repairing the Affordable Care Act’s deficiencies, the Republicans in the House of Representatives have assaulted the Act itself, throwing an estimated 24 million people off their insurance, making deep cuts to Medicaid, and allowing states to encourage insurers to deny people with pre-existing conditions. Their callous maneuver guarantees a catastrophe in care, threatening Pennsylvanians’ health, and pushing them away from family physicians and back on emergency room lines. Instead of rationing healthcare to only the rich, Congress should be working to expand access to it, and to control costs through legislation that insists on the incorporation of sound competitive practices into the businesses of drug development and distribution, and hospital management."

"Like healthcare and public safety, education is a human right. Local, state and national government needs to support affordable, high quality education that prepares everyone, child and adult alike, for the world and economy of tomorrow. Progress toward this goal can only be achieved through a fully funded, revitalized public school system in which teachers are respected and students are valued, and by providing access to higher education for all who seek it. As a navy brat, I attended public schools on both coasts. As an adult, I worked as a chemistry teacher in North Philadelphia. I learned first-hand about the pressures on teachers and students in that environment. Subsequently, I led a non-profit focused on early childhood literacy. I am a product of strong public schools, I have studied in them, worked with and in them, and will fight for them in Congress."

Growing Our Economy
"Jobs come from a healthy, modern economy, not from one built behind barriers to growth, or upon special provisions installed for the private benefit of the ten percent… or the one percent. In Congress, my first priority will be to construct and advance programs that improve economic security for Pennsylvania families. We need to build a 21st century economy, one where people can work hard and share in prosperity, not envy it. Having been the chief operating officer of two Southeastern Pennsylvania businesses, I helped bring hundreds of jobs to our region. I know that a good relationship between government and business can spur and support job creation and job security. We need leaders in Congress with real world experience, representatives who will work to create a prosperous future in which we all can share, while providing up to date training and support for Pennsylvanians whose jobs are gone or going. Furthermore, we must also ensure that businesses pay a living wage, that equal work gets equal pay, and that the workplace respects the dignity of its employees."

Money in Politics
"I’m deeply concerned by the increasing influence of secret money in our elections. It’s wrong that billionaires and special interests can spend unlimited amounts of money to take down anyone who opposes their agenda. It is also wrong that every day citizens are not able to run. We need to reform our campaign finance system to increase transparency and regain the public’s trust in our elected officials. If elected, I am committed to making meaningful campaign finance reform a top priority, including limiting the influence of special interests, full disclosure of who donates so voters know who is paying, and keeping foreigners and foreign governments from secretly spending to influence our elections. I would also like to see reform that allows people from more diverse backgrounds to be able to run for office. Candidates should come from all walks of life, not just the 1%."

Environment and Climate Change
"Informed scientists agree: climate change is real. So also is its threat to our home on this planet if we don’t manage to arrest and eventually reverse the processes that are heating our world, changing its weather, raising sea levels, accelerating desertification, and threatening traditional agriculture. Tragically, the Trump Administration has repeatedly called climate change a “hoax.” It has also appointed deniers and skeptics to key oversight positions, moved to slash research budgets and reduce program funding, and otherwise attacked key domestic environmental programs. Trump has threatened to pull out of the Paris Agreement, not only giving up our leadership of this vital global effort, but also denying it the benefit of American science and expertise. All this in the service of special interests. As one of the original team at that created B Corporations (Benefit Corporations), I know the importance of building businesses, a supportive government and a larger economy that honors our environment and that encourages sustainable practices. In Congress, I will be a champion for our environment and will work to combat the threat of climate change and the assault on truth and data."

Support of Veterans and Their Families
"The militarization of American foreign policy and Congress’ shameful abdication of its war-making powers have, in the age of the professional all-volunteer force, put an even greater burden on our men and women in uniform. These patriots deserve more than gestures and lip service; they merit the best possible training and equipment, commitment to deployment and combat as the last not the first resort, superb and honorable leadership in the field, and high quality services and medical care for themselves, and their families at home. These services must necessarily include retraining into civilian employment for those hanging up their uniforms, and counseling for those coping with the special stresses of combat."

Women's Health
"The Trump Administration and Republicans in Congress want to turn back the clock on women's health and eliminate vital funding for Planned Parenthood, denying thousands of women access to lifesaving cancer screening and affordable health care. We can't let this this happen. I believe women's health care decisions should be made between a woman, her doctor, and her faith -- not DC politicians. As a mom, wife, businesswoman, and veteran, I know we must do more to help women and families succeed. In Congress, I will fight to pass paid family and medical leave, support the Violence Against Women Reauthorization Act (VAWA) to make Pennsylvania safer, protect Planned Parenthood clinics, and fight back against efforts to undermine Roe v Wade."

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