Catch a Congolese Gangster Flick

Written and directed by Kinshasa native, Djo Tunda Wa Munga, Viva Riva! is one of those films where anti-heros reign and seedy shantytowns come alive. It's a hyper-real crime flick revolving around the timely matter of gasoline, or rather the lack thereof. Even more thrilling is the film's soundtrack, opening the viewer up to the variety of Congolese music, like Afropop (including Mad Decent collaborator Radioclit, yay Philly!) and 70s classics like Manu Dibango.

Munga is currently focusing his energies on building up the film scene in the Congo, which is virtually non-existent; there is not even one movie theatre in Kinshasa. Here, we get the lowdown from the ambitious director on what our viewing experience will entail, and what we should drink after the screening.

Describe your film in a single tweet
Gangster movie in unknown territory.

What's a good log-line for this movie?
Hmmm, Well, I'd say it's Scarface meets Resevoir Dogs.

What three films would Netflix recommend for someone who enjoyed this?
Definitely Scarface, City of God and Godard's Pierrot le Fou.

Should you drink before or after the film?
After. Definitely, after.

What should you drink?
Whiskey. This is a film for people of the night.

Should you go see this movie alone or with friends?
It's not a single person's film, see it with friends. It's organic, it can bring out emotions in a group of people.

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Viva Riva! opens in Philadelphia June 24th at the Ritz East.

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