In Need of Assistance–Cold Causes Car Problems

Dead batteries, other problems leading to long winter for AAA

Winter can be tough on your car -- just ask the drivers broken down on the side of the road.

The need for roadside assistance was up 15-percent this December compared to the previous year, according to AAA.

The major culprit -- dead batteries, said Chris Stephano with AAA.

“We're doing a lot more tire changes and lockouts but the No. 1 thing is battery related,” said Stephano.

But, the cold isn’t the only culprit for shoddy batteries. People are also holding onto their cars longer and not replacing old batteries, said AAA.

The older the car the more problems that could arise -- makes sense. And, people are holding onto their cars longer.

All the snow, ice, cold and older vehicles have combined to keep AAA busy.

"We're finding out that it’s the busiest year in at least 10 years for the wintertime," Stephano said.

If this frozen weather keeps up that trend should continue and more drivers will need to call for help after being left out in cold.

The best bet to avoid needing help is to keep an eye on fluid levels and to make sure your battery is completely charged, said officials.

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