Bulldog Blog: Crowning Mr. Lower Merion

High school blogger Brady McHale brings the inside story from Lower Merion High School.

Think Miss America, with guys, high school guys. That’s the latest competition brewing inside Lower Merion.

The first ever Mr. Lower Merion will be crowned this year. The stakes could be high for the first ever winner.

Students who are in the junior or senior class and believe they have what it takes to be the so-called, “big man on campus” were trying out last week after school.

The judges -- senior girls.  Judge Jen Weidner said the right Mr. Lower Merion she’s looking for is a “strong, positive representation of the school. That means a guy who is not only involved in various school activities, but really loves school in general.”

Last year, Harriton took part and had a blast.

So far almost 20 kids tried out for it and the winner will be crowned later this month, Weidner said.

I’ll make sure to let you know the winner once he is announced.

And, as always fell free to email me with questions or comments.

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