Philly's Best Fries

There’s more to a great batch of fries than throwing some frozen diced potatoes in hot oil—and lucky for us, some Philly bars have figured that out. Craving something sweet? Crispy? Hearty? There’s a batch of fries somewhere that’s got you covered.

Check out the list below, so when you’re in search of the best in Philly fries, you know where to go.

Citysearch: Chickies & Pete’s
5 Area Locations
Two words: crab fries. No, there’s no actual crab meat to be found in the South Philly bar’s widely famous offering, just a dusting of Old Bay seasoning. Simple, sure, but it’s more than enough to take the typical crinkle fry and kick it up a notch. Those in the know also rave about C&P’s cheese sauce—a provolone-hybrid that perfectly complements the slightly spicy, totally tasty flavor of the seasoning.

Citypaper: Monk’s Café
264 S. 16th St.
It’s a safe bet that few head to Monk’s specifically for the fries—the bar’s primary reputation is as the place in Philly to drink beer. But unsuspecting patrons who order Monk’s pomme frites quickly become believers. We’re big fans of steak fries, but crispy, stringy fries never tasted so good as they do here. And they taste even better when enjoyed with one of the, um, hundreds of brews available at Monk’s.

Philadelphia magazine: Grey Lodge
6235 Frankford Ave.
It’s no surprise Phillymag chose Grey Lodge’s hand-cut, twice-fried fresh russet fries as their choice for best in the city. Order them regular and they’ll be flavored simply with salt and pepper, or ask for the spicy variety and your basket’ll come sprinkled in a homemade spicy Cajun powder. The traditional Belgian preparation means these fries are perfectly crunchy on the outside, delightfully fluffy on the inside. And they’ll cost you just $3! Need we say more?

Around Town pick: Good Dog
224 S. 15th St.
Good Dog serves up a delectable blend of regular Idaho fries and sweet potato fries. They’re perfect to enjoy alongside a burger or sandwich, but a regular basket can make a meal on its own—yeah, it might not be the best-for-you dinner, but it's sure to satisfy. Served with a side of aoli, these fries are not to be missed.

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