Be a 10 in 10 Weeks: Week Five

10 weeks, four people and one kick-your-butt boot camp

Celebrating a holiday while you're trying to get fit can be brutal. During normal circumstances, there are hundreds of temptations all around you. But when you throw in the parties, parades and backyard feasts of, say, the Fourth of July -- all bets are off.

Face it, dieting is tough and no one is infallible, so as we look towards how our fitness boot campers are progressing in their goal to become a 10 in 10 Weeks -- cut 'em some slack when you see the raw numbers.

Let's start with our own "Biggest Loser" Nicole Michalik. The Q102 DJ dropped 140 lbs. on the NBC reality show and now she's looking to take the final steps towards her goal. "I wanna get toned," Nicole proclaims. "I wanna have guns, I want my stomach to be even flatter, I want that Jennifer Aniston line in my legs." And she's been getting there dropping almost 10 lbs. since the start of the competition. But how'd she fare against the BBQs -- we don't know yet. That’s because the hardworking diva decided to take a little vacation to Disney World (admit it, you're jealous). So we'll have to wait to hear how she's doing, but the time off is well deserved. Here's more on Nicole's journey and don't forget you can audition to be a contestant on the Biggest Loser right here in Philly:

Megan Smith, the PR pro, will need to put a spin on her setback. The woman is constantly on the move, but still manages to consistently fit in six workouts a week. So it’s tough to swallow this week's 2.5 lb. gain. But it can all be muscle -- though that doesn't bring her closer to her goal of losing 25 lbs. We'll have to wait and see what next week's mid-competition measurements yield.

Philly paparazzo and blogger Hughe Dillon had a tough week, but the holiday weekend wasn't the problem. After his sister received some bad news about her ovarian cancer, Hughe made a trip to Jersey for a dozen cream doughnuts. The sympathy eating put him back at 292 lbs. -- cancelling out five of his total 10 lb. loss.

Gavin McKay, our expert trainer from Fusion Fitness, knows that emotional eating is the most destructive force – both mentally and physically – to a dieter. To combat this, he tells clients to adhere to The 90/10 Compliance Rule -- where your emotions only control your eating 10 percent of the time (learn more after the jump).

As for Hughe, he's been relying on a food journal to keep him honest. "Going to Fusion is the easy part, it's fun, it's a challenge, there's goals, there's a team spirit," he said. "The hard part is when I leave and have to choose the right things to eat.  That is done mostly alone, and sometimes I fall back into bad habits."

But the best motivation comes from family support. After the little doughnut setback, his sister raved about how proud she was of him for making an effort to get healthy -- that definitely helps!

Finally, there's Joe Matthews, the model and interior designer. Joe really pushed himself to the limit this week, hitting the gym eight times in seven days. He's already lost 7 lbs., but hit a plateau this week holding steady at 178 lbs. Joe may have been working harder for another reason, though. But you'll just have to check back again next week to learn what it is.

Back in the gym, Justin and Gavin want to give you a little lesson on the TRS system. You might have seen some of our campers hanging from them, so they've decided to show you how it works.

Weight Loss Cheat Sheet

Hughe - Starting Weight: 297 lbs.
Week One: 292 lbs. | Week Two: 290 lbs. | Week Three: 287 | Week Four: 292 | Total Loss: 5 lbs.

Megan - Starting Weight: 185 lbs.
Week One: 183.5 lbs. | Week Two: 181.5 lbs. | Week Three: 179.5 | Week Four: 182 | Total Loss: 3 lbs.

Nicole - Starting Weight: 192 lbs.
Week One: 186 lbs. | Week Two: 186 lbs. | Week Three: 182.5 | Week Four: Not Yet Recorded | Total Loss: 9.5 lbs.

Joe - Starting Weight: 185 lbs.
Week One: 182 lbs. | Week Two: 179 lbs. | Week Three: 178 lbs. | Week Four: 178 lbs. | Total Loss: 7 lbs.

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