“Back on My Feet” Up and Running On Sunday

One of the most unique and ingenious programs for the homeless in Philadelphia will make an appearance in a half marathon this Sunday. Go cheer them on.

"Back on My Feet,” the local group that motivates the homeless by building strength and self-esteem through running, will be competing in the 46th Annual Caesar Rodney Half Marathon in Wilmington, Del. March 15.

Established in July 2007, the non-profit works with local homeless shelters in the program that offers connections to job training, scholarships and housing assistance. The way each member earns these benefits? By becoming focused, physically strong and self-confident in the programs runs three times a week.

The program has picked up speed, as last year only one member participated in the Wilmington race. This year, 15 members will run.

Check out the 2009 “Back on My Feet” calendar for more events and races.

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