B-Hop Hangs Up the Gloves, Picks Up the Mic

Philadelphia's real life Rocky is bringing his hardcore flare and toughness from the ring to the analyst booth.

Bernard Hopkins has been added to the team for the 2009 installment of the ESPN2 Friday Night Fights.

It’s just too bad that he can’t take the Philly potholes to Bristol, Connecticut with him.

His boxing resume is perfect for the job. He finished with a pro record of 49-5-1.

But, he will always be remembered for the 12 round TKO of Puerto Rico native Felix Trinidad in Madison Square Garden in 2001.

His antics prior to the fight will be attached to his legend as well. B-Hop threw the Puerto Rican flag to the ground during a pre-fight press conference.

Controversies like these have made Hopkins a star as much as the success he has had with his fists and gloves.

 Hopkins’ has never been one to hold punches (in or out of the ring). Perhaps this is the reason "The Executioner" will be the perfect analyst. At the very least ESPN gains a personality in their boxing coverage. That’s something the sport badly needs to promote itself.

More personally for Hopkins, he has now completed the ultimate life turnaround.

In his youth, he got in trouble with the law in North Philly and actually served prison time. It was during his imprisonment that Hopkins took to boxing.

The boxing ring has now led him to the “Lights, Camera, Action” world of TV. In many ways, it's a world away from his humble beginnings.

Now, Philly can hope its hometown hero can be as much a  “knockout” on the microphone as he was in the ring.

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