Art Explosion Lights the Night

Whether you love the arts or explosives, both come together Friday, December 11 at the East Terrace of the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

No, they're not blowing up the museum, but international famed artist Cai Guo-Qiang will launch a flower -- made from gunpowder --onto the museum at sunset.

The purpose of the explosion is to honor the memories of our cherished friends, neighbors and family members that have passed. Through the eruption, beauty will light up the sky, celebrating life and it’s gift to us all. 

Known for his elaborate displays, Cai Guo-Qiang brings a new meaning to the word eccentric. This blast is part of Guo-Qiang’s Fallen Blossoms exhibit that will be on display through March at the Philadelphia Museum of Art.  A series of gunpowder drawings, entitled Light Passage, will demonstrate time’s passing and the role that memory and memorials play in the past. Guo-Qiang’s work will also pay homage to the late Anne d’Harnoncourt, former director of the PMA.

So if you happen to be walking around the city or are driving home, don’t be alarmed, just look up and smile at the spectacular explosion that will illuminate the museum. 

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