Army of Hundreds Clear Snow at The Linc

As much as 9-inches of snow blanketed Lincoln Financial Field a little more than a day before the Philadelphia Eagles are set to fight for a win against the New Orleans Saints.

An army of more than 400 workers scoured the 67,594 seat stadium on Friday, shoveling away mounds of powdery snow from the seats and aisles. The Eagles say the workers were dispatched at 7:30 a.m. and are focusing on the stands.

The workers are throwing the white stuff into construction trash chutes and ferrying each small mound down to the field. There, a front-end loader is plowing the snow off of the field.

The team says the field, which is heated from below, is ready for game time. It was painted ahead of the storm and then sealed with a tarp. Officials expect to remove the cover on Saturday morning.

Crews will continue to work in shifts, until the stadium is clear, officials say.

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