A Vegan Walks Into a Bar…

Does beer taste as good without cheese or meat alongside?

Although some would argue that beer is a meal in and of itself, the beverage is slowly gaining popularity as the quaff to pair foods with. Of course, everyone knows how great a cold one goes with foods like burgers, pizza, cheesesteaks, chili, any member of the sausage family (particularly in the stands at a stadium event), hoagies and pretty much anything fried. Notice the lack of any kind of health food. Beer and vegetables? Please.

Tonight the folks at the Belgian Café are set to prove that indeed beer does go well with veggies through their Vegan Beer Dinner. To accompany the no-dairy, no-meat (no fun?) meal, representatives from High and Mighty Brewing Company will be on hand to discuss flavors like their Beer of the Gods, Two-Headed Beast and Purity of Essence.

Regardless of your food preference, the evening is sure to be filled with good food and beer. And if you can’t seem to stomach all that righteousness, you can always grab a cheesesteak on the way home.

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