A Peek Inside Federal Donuts

Earlier this week, we told you that the long-awaited Federal Donuts was finally opening this coming Monday at Second and Federal streets. Today, we take you inside the building for a tour and chat with Chef Mike Solomonov, who owns and operates the spot with business partner Steve Cook. They're focusing on fresh doughnuts, fried chicken and coffee.

"They're the three major food groups," joked Solomonov. "It's amazing that something that seems so simple to create really took the most research and recipe testing we've ever had to do for any of our places." Solomonov and Cook also own Percy Street BBQ and the incomparable Zahav.

Federal Donuts will open every morning at 7 a.m. for the coffee and doughnut rush, and slowly change over to fried chicken as the lunch and dinner hours arrive. There will be a few magical hours where both chicken and doughnuts will be available.

Solomonov said there will be combo deals that involve both chicken and doughnuts, and that delivery will be available to the local neighborhood. When we asked Solo whether or not the menu was set in stone, he assured us that things are always open to change.

"All of our restaurants have evolved," said Solomonov. "We've had plenty of 'a-ha' moments, We have them every single day, actually." [The Feast]

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