A Brew Worth Electing

In light of Presidents Day there will be a little more hop in the salute to all 44 presidents who have graced The White House over the last 220 years.

Actually, there really isn’t anything light about the celebration, especially when it comes to Yards Brewing Company.

That’s because the brewery is bottling up the likes of George Washington and Thomas Jefferson as part of their Ales of the Revolution collection.

Each brew was specifically crafted to resemble the original sauce enjoyed by our forefathers themselves.

The Philadelphia-based brewery has been serving the City of Brotherly Love since 1994 and is just a few blocks from old Robert Hair's brewery, where our first president’s porter of choice was created.

So it’s only fitting that the company has developed these traditional beverages in the city where the men who designed the constitution of this great nation where known to throw down a brew or two.

Not into the old wigs?

Don’t rely on sober celebration just yet, there’s a beverage for even the savviest techies of the 21st century. From the president No.1 to No.44, there’s even a beer out there for you Obama-mama’s.

Cambridge Brewing Co. has released a Belgian style IPA called The Audacity of Hop (a play off of Barack Obama’s book Audacity of Hope.) Sixpoint Craft Ales of Brooklyn is bottling Hop Obama and several Denver breweries have released Ale to the Chief and Obamanator. Just imagine if Arnold Schwarzenegger becomes U.S. prez No. 45!

And of course the capitol is capitalizing on recent history by capturing a little Obama in InagurAle released by Capitol City Brewing Co. and the District ChopHouse’s Barack Bok.

Whatever your stately choice of sippage may be, Mr. President has been reported drinking Pabst Blue Ribbon in a North Carolina bar, enjoy it with the men of honor in mind.

Hail to the ale!

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