$50,000 to Move to Philly?!

Heck yeah, the City of Philadelphia pays moving expenses! For the big fish, anyway. Managing Director Camille Barnett got a whopping $50,000 to relocate from Washington to Philadelphia, according to the Philadelphia Inquirer.

Some staffers recently filed financial-disclosure forms and that's where you'll find moving expenses for most of them, except Barnett. She didn't report how much the city reimbursed her on the move, but her chief of staff says the forms will be changed to include that information.

The city paid $20,000 to Andrew Altman, Commerce Director and Deputy Mayor for Planning and Economic Development for his move from New York to Philadelphia. He's about to jet off again for a job with the Olympics.

$9,000 was the moving cost for Police Commissioner Charles H. Ramsey who came up here from Washington, D.C.
And Budget Director Stephen Agostini, another D.C. transplant, disclosed that his moving expenses added up to $7,400.

Taxpayers didn't foot the bill. (Smart move, Mr. Nutter.) The money came out of "A New Day, A New Way" which is a non-profit transition committee Nutter set up to cover the expenses.

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