20 Years Later, Boy Found Dead in Philly Remains Nameless

Nearly 20 years after he was found shot to death in Philadelphia's Fairmount Park, a boy remains nameless.

As we approach the October anniversary of his death, the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children are asking the public to "help us give him back his name."

The organization shared a new composite sketch late last month in hopes of identifying the unknown homicide victim, who was discovered by a jogger the morning of Oct. 27, 1995.

The remains were found in the park near the Mann Music Center, according to a post on the Help ID Me Facebook page, which is run by NCMEC.

About 15-feet away from the lifeless body, police found tire tracks --  leading investigators to the possibility he was dumped in the park after being killed in another location, the post said.

The boy, who authorities said was approximately 16- to 19-years-old at the time of his death, was wearing a red T-shirt and a long-sleeved Sergio Tacchini brand sweatshirt with the words, "Railway Express" in black, green and tan across the front, black Boss label jeans, a hooded gray down jacket and black Reebok high-top sneakers, according to NCMEC.

The teen's hair was styled in cornrows and he had a well-healed scar on the back of his right forearm, NCMEC said.  He was 5-feet 11-inches tall and weighed about 160 pounds, according to authorities.

The organization urges anyone with information to call 1-800-THE-LOST.

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