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ROLL CALL: Jennifer Aniston To Narrate Children's Book



    ROLL CALL: Jennifer Aniston To Narrate Children's Book

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    Jen Kids Around With New Book: She's not writing a children's book like so many other celebs before her, but Jennifer Aniston is narrating Nick Katsoris' "Loukoumi's Good Deeds," with her father John, The New York Daily New's Gatecrasher reports. But Jen's rep wants everyone to know her new voice role has nothing to do with her being baby crazy. "It is a wonderful story, plain and simple," a rep for Jen told the paper. "She did it because she wanted to do it with her dad, as well as she loved the story."

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    Joe Jonas' Controversial Photo?: Weeks after another Disney star got into some hot water for a controversial photo, it appears that Joe Jonas might have a photographic shenanigan to contend with. An alleged photo of Joe surfaced on, showing the young singer pulling at his eyelids with his fingers… we have to agree with E! Online's take on the situation, who said, "oy." Oy indeed!

    Audrina Patridge Slays Her Sorority Sisters!: In what might be our favorite movie trailer we've see this week, "Hills" hottie Audrina Patridge stars in "Sorority Row," an 80's horror remake, where she plays a sorority girl murdered by her sisters and then possibly comes back from the dead to avenge her death – possibly slaying Rumer Willis! Thankfully rehearsing lines for the "Hills" alongside LC, Whitney, Lo and Heidi helped her prepare for the slasher movie. Check out the trailer for "Sorority Row," HERE!

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    Celeb Style Trend Alert!: Six inch stilettos aren't just for a night out – according the always fashion forward Lady GaGa, you can work a giant heel in the AM! The "Just Dance" singer was spotted recently in Seattle at the Hotel Monaco working her super high heels at around 7:30 AM while getting coffee, according to People. Next thing you know GaGa will be running around with no pants on in the middle of winter… oh wait she already does that. We still love you Lady!

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