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Is Simon Cowell Planning An 'Idol' Exit? 



    Is Simon Cowell Planning An 'Idol' Exit? 

    Every week, millions of viewers tune in to "American Idol" to hear what Simon Cowell has to say – but according to the Mirror, the no-nonsense judge may be planning on leaving the show.

    "Most people do one show a year and I do three and they involve a lot of traveling. One may have to go," Simon, 49, told the paper on Saturday. "I don't know which one. That is the problem, I like all of them. I can't imagine not doing 'Britain's Got Talent' and I can't imagine not doing 'X Factor.' But I guess America is more likely to go because I have got one year under contract. Maybe that will be the end."

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    According to the paper, Simon may make four transatlantic flights a week during the summer to keep up with "American Idol" and his two British shows, "X Factor" and "Britain's Got Talent," in which he also serves as a judge.

    "I don't want to come over as whiney because I am very grateful that I have got these jobs," he said. "But there is a point where I am not sure we can keep this schedule up. It takes longer and longer to make these shows because you have to put more into them, and I am not sure we can sustain me doing three shows a year, with the record label and the TV production company."

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    In addition, Simon added that he's launching a "big new show next year," though he said details are top-secret.

    As for a social life, the "Idol" judge said his busy schedule doesn't leave him with much time to date following his split with longtime girlfriend Terri Seymour.

    "Have I got a black book?" he laughed. "Yes, it's called a mobile phone. I do get offers. There is no shortage of people if you want to go on dates – working in TV, living in LA, it is there if you want it. But I am enjoying hanging out with my friends. I haven't had time to go on dates."

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