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Blogging Inside The Globes



    Blogging Inside The Globes

    6:03 PM — Anne Hathaway waits standing in back of room. All 3 Jonas boys are standing behind her. When Heath gets his standing O, Anne and the J-boys get the green light to quickly walk back to their seats.

    5:41 PM – It’s a rowdy crowd in here. Ricky Gervais is the 2nd one to try and ssssshhh us all in here.

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    There seems to be an odd mad dash – some are dashing for food (as all of it was taken about before showtime) — some dash for the bar, some are takingsmoke breaks and heading to the bathroom.

    There’s constant movement in the back half of the room. It’s wild.

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    5:29 PM — Colin Farrell just took his first smoke break.

    Tom Hanks walked by our Access Hollywood table and saw the 316 sign (our table #) and started chanting, “316, 316” with all of us. Cute.

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