About Hatfield Meats

For 110 years, Hatfield Quality Meats has been satisfying customers with delicious pork products, operating as a family-owned company since 1895. That's when John C. Clemens began selling his pork products in the Philadelphia farmer's markets. In 1940 four of John's sons continued the family business, maintaining the quality, integrity and values of their father. Today, as a manufacturer and supplier of over 1,200 fresh and manufactured quality pork products, Hatfield Quality Meats has distribution from Maine to Miami, as well as several international markets.

Through dedication, perseverance, and commitment, Hatfield Quality Meats prides itself on providing the most wholesome and great tasting products possible. Many factors have contributed to this reputation. For example, through vertical coordination with local farms, Hatfield can ensure the freshness and integrity of the products they produce.

And by maintaining some of the highest standards in the industry, Hatfield can offer a high level of food safety that meets or exceeds all government standards and regulations. Hatfield Quality Meats also strives to utilize the most modern equipment available, including their own trucking fleet, which delivers the majority of their products. All of these factors work together to control the freshness of Hatfield's quality products all the way to the marketplace.

Hatfield Quality Meats has maintained its integrity and reputation throughout many changing times in its 110 year history, and it has sustained a healthy success that has made it one of the regions most popular brands. Hatfield Quality Meats is committed to continuing their tradition of freshest quality into the future.

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