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Worth The Trip: Spruce Street Harbor Park Pop-Up



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    Spruce Street Harbor Park Pop-Up

    Get ready for round two! With warm weather comes more summer pop-up festivities and Spruce Street Harbor Park is gearing up for its return on Memorial Day weekend. 

    The pop-up park is entering its second year of bringing summer fun to the city. Visitors can enjoy hammocks, lounges and delicious food. 

    After the park's success last year, this year the pop-up is expected to get even better. The coveted hammock garden will be expanded and hundreds of multi-colored LED lights will be added to the landscape.

    Guests can even eat on the water this year. Three floating barges will house a restaurant and bar brought by the Garces Group, overlooking the colorful waterfront view.

    The secluded summer oasis at Penn's Landing is free and open to the public daily from May 22 through September.

    For more information, visit the Delaware River Waterfront website