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The Picks: Eagles at 49ers



    It’s that time of week. Time to man up and make your pick for this week’s game. Get it right, and you’ll become a rich and famous gambler. People will find themselves drawn to your cocksure strut and gunslingin’ ways. You’ll have announcers fawn over you. You’ll appear in commercials for discount blue jeans. Everything will go your way, until you decide to email nude pictures of yourself to an intern and she then gives those pictures over to the media. Then it’s right back to the egg farm with you. Here we go:

    Peter King: Niners 27, Eagles 24. “I am a sucker for those Niners, aren't I? I am falling on the Alex Smith sword this week. I see the good things he does and think, ‘He's going to put it together one of these weeks and shock the world.’”

    Dude, what Alex Smith are you watching? Because that doesn’t sound anything at all like the Alex Smith I know.

    Nine of Ten ESPN Experts:Niners. Nine out of ten! And the Niners haven’t won a single game yet! This is madness. Madness I tell you.

    Michael Silver: 49ers.

    53% Of Yahoo! Users: 49ers.

    Pete Prisco (CBS): 49ers.

    AJ Daulerio: Eagles (“Nobody throws the four-yard out better than Kevin Kolb”)

    Index Card I Threw Up In The Air With The Name Of Each Team On Either Side, Seeing Which Team Would Land Face Up: 49ers (index card record: 3-1)

    The Wife: 49ers

    Me: This is the easiest contrarian alert ever, given that everyone seems to be taking an 0-4 team that really does deserve to be 0-4. The Niners aren’t better than their record, I assure you. Sure, it makes sense to bet against Andy Reid on the road, particularly on the West Coast. And Kevin Kolb is certainly shaky. And LeSean McCoy is out. Okay, there are a lot of reasons to pick San Francisco in this game. But the Niners are lousy. No way I’m going with the crowd on this one. EAGLES 28, 49ERS 12.

    Yours in the comments.