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Lessons in Delusion: Reid Says McNabb Will "Get a Great Reception"



    It's as if Donavan McNabb is sitting in a mirror, hands folded in his lap, repeating daily affirmations by Stuart Smalley. And just over his shoulder, emerging from the darkness, comes the giant ham slab of Andy Reid, joining voice to voice in a chorus of delusion.

    "Honestly, I think that I [will] be cheered. More cheered than booed," McNabb told ESPN 980 Tuesday about his return to the Linc as a Redskin. "...The whole deal about it was 11 years. It was a successful 11 years. And you had a lot of great times, a lot of great moments, a lot of exciting plays. Obviously, some down times, but you have that in the NFL."

    "He'll get a great reception," Reid told CSN Washington. "The organization does these different polls around the community, and this guy is loved by 99 percent of the population here.

    "It's that one percent that's that loud voice."

    Apparently, then, it's the one percent who also shows up to games. McNabb was booed the night he was drafted, booed while leading the Eagles to six NFC championship games, and now that the Eagles faithful don't have a reason to miss him -- Mike Vick is atop the NFC in passing -- he'll be booed on Sunday, no doubt.

    Which isn't to say he deserves it. McNabb's take on his tenure in Philly isn't wrong. But his take on his relationship with Philly fans is...well, his determination to pretend it's something it isn't is both ongoing and downright admirable, and it will serve him well in the long run.

    Andy Reid, meanwhile, is looking more and more like a nice slice of performance art. The only way 99 percent of Philly loves McNabb is if that's also the name of a new fast food sandwich.

    That's okay, though. It's a nice try. The Redskins are a holding call from 0-3, and Reid would like to get this over with so his decision to trade McNabb is in the rear view. Neither one is anxious to make McNabb's imminent booing an issue; they've both got enough on their plates.