Crishtbel Mora

Crishtbel Mora is a multi-media journalist for Telemundo62. You can watch her reports weekdays at 5pm and 6pm.

Crishtbel joined Telemundo62 in June 2022. Her favorite part of being a multi-media journalist is being able to listen and enable the words of the people by giving them the opportunity for their voices to be heard. Crishtbel’s goal as a journalist is not only to inform people of what is happening in their neighborhoods, but also to contribute to change. 

“I believe that Philadelphia is a city with a lot of historical value and the growth of the Latino community needs means to express itself, gain greater visibility, and write those new chapters of history in which we are giving a new meaning to the country,” said Crishtbel. “I feel happy and honored to contribute to this mission and it is a commitment that I assume with great responsibility.”

Crishtbel came to Philadelphia from Miami, where she was a national news correspondent for Estrella TV. Prior to that she was also national news correspondent since 2015 for Estrella TV in Texas.

Born and raised in Venezuela, Crishtbel’s native language is Spanish. Crishtbel earned a bachelor’s degree in Journalism from Andres Bello Catholic University as well as a certification in social media management from Jose Antonio Paez University. In 2021 she received a Communicator Award, a Hermes Creative Award for her journalism. The National Association of Hispanic Publications also recognized her with a Jose Marti Award in 2019.

When she’s not covering news, Crishtbel enjoys kayaking, visiting small towns, and watching documentaries on criminal investigations. She is also a huge advocate for children's rights and equitable access to opportunities. Since she was young, her experiences while belonging to social work groups have motivated her to continue to get involved and help this cause.

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