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Local Kids Have Dangerous Trip to the Bus Stop



    (Published Wednesday, Sept. 15, 2010)

    Watch Lu Ann Cahn’s NBC10 Investigators report on a local bus stop that is literally bringing some kids to tears.

    Do you have concerns that your child's bus stop is at a dangerous location? Want to know what you can do?

    The NBC 10 Investigators talked with the New Jersey, Delaware, and Pennsylvania  Departments of  Education. They said when there is a concern or  an  issue with a bus stop or bus safety, first contact your local school district. In Pennsylvania you can make a formal request for a PennDOT evaluation. Make sure you know who in your school district makes decisions on bus stops.  If you're unhappy, you can always go to the School Board.  Most boards have public meetings.

    Sometimes it helps if you document the situation by videotaping or taking pictures, gather statements from other concerned parents, collect signatures with a statement about what the issue is and what you want to see get done about it.

    When we contacted New Jersey’s Department of Education they told us the local municipality is responsible for the safety of public roadways. Pennsylvania and Delaware advise parents to contact their district then take the further step of contacting the their state department of education.

    We wanted to help you so here is how to contact your state department of education:
    Delaware Dept. of Education: (302)735-4120
    Pennsylvania Dept. of Education: (717) 783-6788
    New Jersey Dept. of Education: (877)900-6960

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