Baby Diaper Thieves Lead Police on Wild Chase: Cops

Two women and one man are in custody after they allegedly stole baby diapers and led on a wild chase in Delaware County.

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    A police chase, at speeds of up to 100 miles per hour, came to a crashing end in Port Richmond. It happened at Joyce and Westmoreland Streets, Monday evening. The chase started at a Rite Aid in Ridley Township, Delaware County. Workers called 911 saying two women had stolen handfuls of baby items and took off in a van, according to police. The driver behind the wheel of the stolen minivan went through several townships in Delaware County, then hopped on I-95 before crashing into another van in Port Richmond. Three people were taken into custody. Police say the driver had warrants out for her arrest. NBC 10's Claudia Rivero talked with witnesses and victims at the scene. (Published Tuesday, Aug. 7, 2012)

    Two women and one man are in custody after they allegedly stole baby diapers and led on a wild chase in Delaware County.

    It began around 5:30 p.m. on the 1300 block of West McDade Boulevard in Ridley Township after police say two women stole baby diapers and other items from a local Rite Aid.

    Several police officers pursued the women, who investigators say were driving inside a minivan with a male suspect, through Ridley and Chester. During the chase, investigators say a police vehicle crashed into a parked car in Chester City at Martin Avenue and Terrell. Investigators also say the minivan struck several vehicles and that the female suspect who was driving the vehicle tried to run over police officers. At one point, police say the woman tried to run over a police officer who was putting out road spikes. The officer jumped over a guard rail and injured his hand. He was taken to the hospital.

    After the woman drove North on I-95, police say the pursuit finally ended in Port Richmond. The three suspects were taken into police custody. They were charged with retail theft and aggravated assault. Investigators also believe the minivan was stolen during a burglary in New Castle County. Police say the van was loaded with stolen baby goods. Finally, police say the woman who drove the van was wanted in Delaware and has outstanding warrants.

    Rachel Lelionis, whose vehicle was struck during the chase, spoke with NBC10.

    "A white van came out of nowhere and just slammed right into me," said Lelionis. "I hit this pole. I put my car in park. It started smoking and I had to shut it off and get out."