Man Kicks Dog, Punches Girlfriend's Teenage Son

Police say he kicked the dog when the dog tried to eat his food.

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    A Bangor man was charged with simple assault and harassment after he punched his girlfriend's son in the face.

    A local man was charged with assault after he kicked a dog and punched a teen while eating Monday night, according to The Morning Call.

    Police say that Kinnell M. Hargrove, 40, of Bangor, Pa. kicked a dog when the dog tried to eat his food causing the dog to cry out in pain. 

    The man's girlfriend's 13-year-old son confronted Hargrove for hurting the pooch. In response, the suspect punched the teen in the face and the back of his head, The Morning Call reports.

    Hargrove was arraigned on simple assault and harassment charges. He has since been released on bail.