Dead Dogs, Malnourished Pit Bull Puppies Found in Paterson Drug Raid: Police | NBC 10 Philadelphia

Dead Dogs, Malnourished Pups Found in Drug Raid: Police

Police found dead dogs in a garbage bag



    One of the 22 dogs rescued from a house at 226 Van Blarcom St in Paterson. (Courtesy The Record)

    Nearly two dozen undernourished pit bull puppies were rescued during a drug raid at a 4th Ward home Friday, where police found evidence of a large dog fighting ring ­— dead animals stuffed in bags, maimed dogs and bloodstained walls.

    “We found four dead dogs in a garbage bag, thrown away like yesterday’s garbage,” said John DeCando, Paterson animal control officer. “It was horrible. This is one of the largest dog fighting rings I’ve seen.”

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    In addition to the dogs, police found an estimated $12,000 worth of crack cocaine and marijuana and a handgun, Oswald said. DeCando said steroids used for fighting dogs also were found in the home.