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Chester County Sheriff Warns Residents of Bogus Jury Duty Calls



    Chester County Residents are warned to beware of bogus phone calls from people pretending to be police.

    Sheriff Carolyn Bunny Welsh has warned residents of phone calls from impostors, threatening arrest by deputy sheriffs for failing to report for jury service. The callers allegedly then tell the resident to go to a local pharmacy or convenient store and purchase Moneypak cards in varying amounts. Sometimes the caller then asks for personal information leading to identity theft.

    “All residents should be warned to never share sensitive information with anyone you don’t know,” Welsh said. “Unfortunately there are criminals who use many types of scams and frauds to take advantage of individuals and families. We need to provide all information possible to protect our citizens.”

    According to officials, Chester County court does not require anybody to give personal information over the phone or to purchase any kind of “monetary device” to avoid arrest.

    People receiving calls should not provide any information, should hang up, and then call the police department. They can also notify the Jury Services Office 610-344-6174 or the Chester County Sheriff’s Office at 610-344-6850.

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