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Thousands of Bassinets, Cradles Recalled Due to Suffocation Risk

Fall and suffocation hazards prompted the recall of thousands of two-in-one bassinets. Dream on Me recalled nearly 13,000 two-in-one bassinet to cradle products after learning that the wire supports on the sides... »


ACLU Sues NJ Over Ebola Documents

The American Civil Liberties Union has sued the state to get documents related to how the Christie administration developed its policies and protocols for handling Ebola. »

Doctors Use New 3-D Tech to Prepare for Brain Surgery

A breakthrough technology called Surgical Theater is allowing brain surgeons at UCLA’s Neurosurgery Center, for the first time, to look inside the heads of their patients before they go under the knife. Doctors »


Dallas Nurse Who Survived Ebola Sues Hospital

A 26-year-old nurse who contracted Ebola while caring for the first person in the U.S. diagnosed with the deadly disease has filed a lawsuit against the parent company of the Dallas hospital where she worked. »

Plague-Carrying Flea Found on NYC Rats: Study

The type of flea that spread the bubonic plague across Europe in the 1300s, killing millions of people, lives in NYC, according to a study published in a medical journal. Cornell University researchers... »


On The Mile: Mile One

The Blue Cross Broad Street Run in the largest 10 Mile run. Each mile takes runners through a neighborhood with a unique personality. Each week we'll take you from mile to mile. »


Jahi's Family Alleges Medical Negligence

A little more than a year after a then-13-year-old Oakland girl was declared brain dead, Jahi McMath's family filed a lawsuit Tuesday against UCSF Benioff Children's Hospital Oakland, where she received surgery... »

Local ALS Sufferers Helped by Ice Bucket Challenge

Six months after the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge took the nation by storm, local ALS sufferers are benefiting from the money raised. »


Treadmills Could Predict When You Might Die

A group of researchers have developed a formula called a Fit Treadmill Score that predicts when a person may die based on their performance on a treadmill. »

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