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Pa. Joins NJ in Ebola Monitoring Plan

Pennsylvania health officials said Friday they will rely on federal travel data to identify and monitor people who arrive in the state after spending time in Ebola-stricken West African nations. »

Paralyzed Man Walks After Remarkable Transplant

Darek Fidyka, a Bulgarian man, was left paralyzed from the waist down after a 2010 knife attack. But, miraculously, Fidyka recently took his first steps in years, albeit with the aid of a walker. »

Union Workers Lose Insurance

One worker had to move up a double mastectomy before her insurance runs out in a week. Another says he can no longer afford diabetes medicine for his young son, and a third may have to do without medication for... »

Most Hospitals Can't Handle Ebola: Health Official

Texas' top health official said Thursday that most hospitals can't handle Ebola patients and that they should instead be treated at specialized care centers — a break with past federal assertions that nearly any... »

Who Is Craig Spencer, 1st New York Ebola Patient?

New York City doctor Craig Spencer is the fourth person to be diagnosed with Ebola in the United States — and the first diagnosed in New York. He recently came back from treating Ebola patients in West... »

"Miracle Oil" Heals Texas Girl of Chronic Seizures

A North Texas family is touting a "miracle oil" and praising researchers at UT Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas for healing their little girl, who was having chronic »


CDC Cut Funding for Flu Prevention in Pennsylvania

NBC10's Deanna Durante reports live after attending a summit where those leading the fight against the flu learned surprising information. »

From Job to Job to Job, a Life Lived -- & Lost

The fumes, reeking of gasoline, poured from the white Kia SUV as soon as an emergency medical technician broke one of the rear windows. Inside, the body of a dark-haired young woman with a beauty mark on... »

Ebola Patient's Fiancée Unable to Find New Home

The fiancée of the first patient diagnosed with Ebola in the United States has been unable to find a new home in Dallas, even though she was released from monitoring on Monday. »

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