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Delawareans Risk Losing ACA Eligibility

State officials says some 300 Delawareans remain at risk of losing insurance coverage under the federal health care reform law because they have yet to submit documentation verifying their eligibility. »

Who Is Leading the Fight Against Ebola?

Ebola has killed 2,400 people and infected some 5,000 in the space of a few months, the World Health Organization said Friday, leading some health officials to question if enough is being done to combat the... »


Delaware Children Could Have Enterovirus

Several states have confirmed cases of the Enterovirus and Delaware could be the next as children have been hospitalized for severe respiratory problems and are waiting for confirmation from the CDC about their... »


Could Delaware Be the Next State Hit By Enterovirus?

Twelve kids in the first state have been sent to the hospital with symptoms similar to the Enterovirus. »

Investor Sues Philly Medical Device Company

An affiliate of Echo Therapeutics' largest stockholder has filed a lawsuit against the medical device company claiming it refused to provide documents that the company requested. »


Raising Awareness of Ovarian Cancer

NBC10's Renee Chenault-Fattah talks to Wendy Lancaster Homer of the National Ovarian Cancer Coalition in anticipation of their 16th annual run/walk to break the silence about this deadly disease.. »

New Overdose Task Force in Suburbs

A suburban Philadelphia County is taking on drug overdoses head on. Montgomery County officials plan to announce an Overdose Task Force to help combat growing heroin-use trends throughout the county. »

State Officials Help New Moms

State officials are highlighting progress in a program aimed at helping first-time mothers to ensure they have healthy babies. »

Best and Worst States to Have a Baby

A new study by WalletHub ranks the best and worst states to have a baby, reported. »

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