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African Witchcraft Victims Treated After Limbs Were Cut Off

Shriner's Hospital for Children in Philadelphia has been creating artificial limbs for children, including albino victims from Tanzania, who have had their limbs cut off by followers of African witchcraft. »


Smokeless Tobacco Becoming More Popular

A new study finds fewer high schoolers are smoking cigarettes, but it turns out smokeless tobacco has become popular with student athletes, especially male athletes, who play more than one sport. »


You May Want to Reconsider Eating on the Go

A new study suggests that eating while on the move may not register in people’s minds as eating and cause them to over-indulge. »


Doctors Perform Strange Operation to Save Man's Hand

Casey Reyes struggled for a way to explain the "sci-fi" surgery doctors were proposing to save her 87-year-old grandfather's badly burned hand. "They're gonna put your hand inside your stomach, kind of like... »


Health Issues With a Broken Heart

A new study shows the emotional stress that mimics the physical symptoms of a heart attack can also have neurological, or psychiatric effects, but those symptoms are considered treatable. »


The Good Fight: Young Girl Beats Sickle Cell Thanks to Her Sister

A New Jersey girl born with sickle cell disease is cured after doctors found her younger sister's bone marrow could help fight the disease. Pat Battle reports »


Judge OKs Gender Reassignment

A judge on Wednesday cleared the way for a 48-year-old transgender woman to undergo gender-reassignment surgery, rejecting her parents' effort to block the operation because they say she's mentally incompetent. »

7 Dead From Legionnaires' Disease at Ill. Veterans Home

The death toll from a Legionnaires' disease outbreak at a western Illinois veterans home has climbed to seven, and the state's public health director has warned that more fatalities could occur. The Illinois... »


NJ Gets New Child Safety Seat Rules

New Jersey has new child safety seat rules. The rules, which take effect on Tuesday, adhere to American Academy of Pediatrics recommendations. »

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