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ACA Enrollment Deadline

The Gallery underground mall in Center City will be the site of a Winter Health & Resources Fair Saturday for anyone who needs assistance signing up for health care under the Affordable Care Act. »

Company Plans Delaware Medical Marijuana Clinic

A Massachusetts company is planning to open a medical marijuana clinic in Delaware next month, though doing business in the state could be tricky. »

Framing the Flu Conversation After Strain Mutation

After the big announcement that this year's flu vaccine may offer less protection than expected, some doctors are scrambling for the right way to talk about why the vaccine is still important. »

Chemical in Food Packaging Linked With Lower IQ in Kids

Children whose mothers had highest levels of certain chemicals in their bodies while pregnant had noticeably lower IQs at age 7, researchers said Wednesday. »

Holly: One Face of the National Heroin Crisis

For Holly Wright, heroin was bliss. »

Heart Attacks Up in New Jersey After Sandy

Rutgers University researchers said there was a spike in heart attacks and strokes in the New Jersey counties hardest hit by Superstorm Sandy. »

Penn Doctor Imagines New Diseases

Imagine a kind of amnesia wherein everybody forgets about you (Amnesia inversa). Imagine a disease that causes you to contract the infirmity of your neighbor, as your neighbor assumes yours (Renascentia). »

SEPTA Sues Hepatitis C Drug Company Over Medication Costs

Philadelphia's transit agency, SEPTA, has filed a class action lawsuit in federal court in Philadelphia against the drugmaker, Gilead, over the cost of its Hepatitis C drug known as Sovaldi. »


Flu Season: When You Should See the Doctor

A nationwide program called Choose Wisely has doctors refusing to give patients antibiotics. The goal is to reduce antibiotic resistance. NBC10 has tips on when you should visit the doctor. »

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