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CDC Issues Updated Zika Guidelines

A Brazilian health official warned pregnant women to think twice before giving a kiss as global measures mounted Friday against the Zika virus suspected of a link to birth defects. »


San Diego Company Testing Possible Diabetes Cure

A San Diego biotech company believes it has found a possible cure for Type 1 diabetes. The La Jolla-based company, ViaCyte, in conjunction with Johnson & Johnson, is testing a stem cell treatment to cure those... »

Tx. Birth Control Fell After Planned Parenthood Cut

A study found that Texas saw a drop in women obtaining long-acting birth control after Republican leaders booted Planned Parenthood from a state women's health program in 2013, which researchers said may explain... »

Experts Left With More Questions About Zika

For decades, the Zika virus has seemed harmless. But with more birth defects in Brazil and the possibility of transmission through sexual contact, health experts are now trying to answer more questions about the... »


Dental Screenings for NJ Students

The Blackwood Campus on Camden County College will host children 12 and under for free dental care at the school’s Hygiene Clinic. »

Obamacare Posts Respectable Sign-Up Season

Still facing political jeopardy, President Barack Obama's health care law beat expectations by earning solid sign-ups this year, according to figures released Thursday by the administration. About 12.7 million... »

CDC's Warning for Women About Alcohol Sparks Backlash

A warning from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention meant to caution women about the risks of drinking and pregnancy has set off a firestorm of outrage, NBC News reported. »

Few Zika Samples Being Shared by Brazil: Officials

U.N. and U.S. health officials tell The Associated Press that Brazil has yet to share enough samples and disease data needed to answer the most worrying question about the Zika outbreak: whether the virus... »

Former Raiders QB Ken Stabler Had Brain Disease CTE

Boston researchers say former Oakland Raiders quarterback Ken Stabler had the brain disease CTE. Boston University confirmed the diagnosis Wednesday after it was first reported in the New York Times. Stabler... »