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FDA to Rule on E-Cigarettes

Health experts are waiting anxiously for the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to issue its first regulations governing electronic cigarettes by the end of the month. »

Ukraine Doctor, Kiev Protester Meet in Jenkintown

Before the protests in Kiev, 21-year-old Roman Dzivinskyi was struggling to find work and had even briefly left his country to secure a job in Siberia. When he heard about unrest brewing and throngs of people... »

Doctors Prescribing Codeine to Kids Despite Known Risks

Doctors are still prescribing codeine for kids with coughs, colds and injuries, despite a wealth of evidence that the narcotic doesn’t work for many children--and may be fatal to some, NBC News reported. »

Philly Cheesesteak Contest

Who makes the best Philly cheesesteaks: Will Jake’s Sandwich Board continue its reign at the top or will a stalwart like Pat's or Geno's take first place? »

The "Pollen Vortex" Is Coming for You

Those sensitive to tree pollen will notice a dramatic -- and uncomfortable -- change this week as allergens arrive with a vengeance. »

Report: Pfizer Wants to Buy AstraZeneca for $101B

Two Big Pharma companies with strong ties to the Philadelphia region are the subject of the latest mega-merger rumor in the drug manufacturing industry. »

General Mills Reverses “No Sue” Facebook Policy

Last week, General Mills Inc. posted new legal terms on its website that seemed to prevent consumers from suing the company if they liked General Mills on Facebook. »

$14M Awarded in Lawsuit Linking Contraceptive, Stroke

A jury has awarded $14 million to a suburban Chicago woman who said in a lawsuit that she suffered a debilitating stroke after taking the birth control drug Yasmin. »

30 Years for Heroin Dealer Connected to 3 Deaths

A D.C. man who distributed heroin that resulted in the deaths of at least three people in Fairfax County, Va., was sentenced Friday to 30 years in prison. Eugene Asomani “Shine” Williams pleaded guilty in... »

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