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Student Removed From Flight After Asking for Allergy Meds

Villanova University senior Katie tells NBC10 she was escorted off her U.S. Airways plane Wednesday, after asking the flight attendant for allergy medicine. She says she needed it because she broke out into... »

Soaring Generic Drug Prices Draw Scrutiny

Some low-cost generic drugs that have helped restrain health care costs for decades are seeing unexpected price spikes of up to 8,000 percent, prompting a backlash from patients, pharmacists and now Washington... »

CDC Shelves Controversial Workplace Obesity Website

The CDC has taken down a much-criticized website that offered an "obesity cost calculator" to help American employers tally financial losses linked to overweight employees, an agency spokeswoman said Tuesday. »

2-Year-Old Dies From Oxycodone Overdose

A Bucks County father faces a slew of charges after police said his son overdosed on a dose of Oxycodone three times the amount needed to kill an adult. »

Tips to Kick Asphalt: Marathon Tips

Tips that will surely help you reach your personal goal at the 2014 Philadelphia Marathon or any race you run. »

Syphilis on Rise in Pa. City

The Pittsburgh area is seeing a dramatic increase in new syphilis cases, primarily among men who have reported having sex with other men. »


Former NFL Star Helps Create Revoluntionary Scrubs

Former NFL player Bert Emanuel teamed up with local medical professionals to create a high-tech medical uniform. »


Parenting Adopted Children

NBC10's Vai Sikahema sits down with nationally acclaimed author Dr. Sue Cornbluth to discuss her book on parenting children who are adopted or fostered. »

Prepare for Possible CO Leaks at Home

Carbon monoxide is an odorless, colorless and tasteless poison that can render you defenseless without the right precautions. »

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