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Maya's Story: Girl Battles Cancer 2nd Time

It's a medical mystery why Maya Rigler has developed cancer twice in her young life. While Maya has the best doctors and the prayers of two area synagogues on her side, this 10-year-old also has her own way... »

Moms Want Medical Marijuana for Sick Kids

A bill to legalize medical marijuana in Pennsylvania is getting a second look Wednesday in the state Senate. It's been about a year since the first hearing on the matter in the Legislature, and, since then, it's... »

Study Finds Molecular Link Between Obesity, Type 2 Diabetes

Researchers at the University of California, San Diego, believe they have discovered the "root cause" of Type 2 diabetes — a molecular link between obesity and diabetes that may lead to new treatment. Inflamma... »


Study Links Peanut Exposure to Allergy

A new study argues that the key to preventing peanut allergies in children may lie in early and regular exposure to the food, The Associated Press reported. Researchers tracked 640 children under age 1 who were... »


Tech Workers Struggle with Weight Gain in Free-Everything Environment

It was part of college you've probably tried to forget: The Freshman 15. Well that weight-gain phenomenon is a problem for people way beyond college now in the start-up world in Silicon Valley. »

NJ Drugmaker Grants Free License to HIV Medicine

Drugmaker Merck has granted a free license allowing one of its HIV medicines to be made and sold inexpensively for use in young children in poor countries hard hit by the AIDS virus. »

Hand Washing Dishes May Prevent Allergies: Study

Washing dishes might be the best chore for a kid. Doing dishes by hand instead of using a dishwasher might prevent or reduce allergies in children, according to a Swedish study published in the journal... »


Community Seeking Answers on Contaminated Water

The US Navy will host and Q&A session Tuesday night to address the concerns of contaminated water in the Horsham area. »


Princeton Measles Case Confirmed

A suspected case of measles at Princeton University has been confirmed. The Department of Health made the announcement Monday. It's the second confirmed case of measles in New Jersey in 2015. »

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