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Does Ebola Affect Dogs and Humans in the Same Way?

Can dogs be carriers of or get Ebola? If they can get infected with the virus, are they contagious to humans and/or other animals? And, should we treat dogs exposed to Ebola like humans and quarantine them? Sam... »

"Operation" Inventor Needs Help Paying for an Operation

Nearly 50 years ago, John Spinello invented the popular board game “Operation.” Now, he needs help paying for his own operation. »


Obama, Christie Talk Ebola

President Obama spoke out Tuesday after the second Dallas nurse to contract Ebola was declared to be free of the virus and released. NJ Governor Chris Christie also appeared on the TODAY show with an... »

Yoga Helps Solve Puzzling Health Issue

A path to addressing the striking rate of pain and mental illness for Bhutanese refugees. More than 75,000 have settled in Philadelphia, Denver and Kansas City. »

Study: Mislabeled Shrimp Rampant at Restaurants and Grocers

A new study of shrimp mislabeling by the environmental advocacy group Oceana found that about 30 percent of 143 shrimp products bought from 111 vendors were not what the label said. Bad labeling was... »


Smoking Ban in Delaware

It is now against the law to smoke in several outdoor locations in Wilmington, Delaware, including transit facilities, outdoor city parks and playgrounds. »

Quarantined Nurse: "We Have to Make Decisions Based on Science"

Nurse Kaci Hickox, who recently returned from treating Ebola victims in West Africa and has challenged the legality of a quarantine, spoke outside of her Maine home after health officials announced they are... »

Company Recalls 10 Baby Wipes Brands

A recall of baby wipes because of a possible bacterial contamination that can make kids sick has expanded to include ten brands sold in stores and online across the country. »

CHOP, Temple Get $4.3 Million Grant for HIV Research

The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia and Temple University received a joint $4.3 million grant from the National Institute of Mental Health to investigate new methods for eradicating HIV that lurks in... »

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