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3 Found Guilty in Peanut Butter Salmonella Trial

A federal jury on Friday found the owner of a peanut plant and two workers at the plant guilty in connection with a salmonella outbreak that led to one of the largest food recalls in »


Kidney Donation Between 2 NFL Brothers

While some NFL stars have drawn negative attention recently, one former player, Ma'ake Kemoeatu, quit the league and went under the knife to help save his brother, Chris Komeaatu. »

Artificial Sweeteners May Set Stage for Diabetes

New study suggests artificial sweeteners like Sweet 'N Low, Splenda and NutraSweet may hamper the way some people's bodies handle sugar and could promote diabetes. »

4 Cases of Enterovirus Confirmed at CHOP

Health officials say 12 states now have respiratory illnesses caused by an uncommon virus - enterovirus 68. »


Union Leaders Prepare Local Nurses for Strike

Hundreds of nurses at a Delaware County hospital are threatening to walk out of their jobs Sunday. »

Doctor Infected With Ebola Expected to Make Full Recovery

Dr. Rick Sacra, the Massachusetts aid worker who contracted Ebola in West Africa, is now expected to make a full recovery, according to the doctors treating him at the Nebraska Medical Center in »

Cases of Enterovirus Confirmed in NY, NJ, CT: Officials

Authorities have confirmed a case of enterovirus EV-D68 in New Jersey, the first case documented in the Garden State and the latest in an outbreak of the potentially severe respiratory illness, according to the... »

American Waistlines Are Still Expanding: Study

A study by the Centers for Disease Control reveals that while the body mass index of Americans is stable, adult waistlines are on the up. »

Resource Center Aims to Fill STEM Mentorship Gap

Leaders across Philadelphia's public and private sectors have been scratching their heads over how to bring more low-income, female and minority students into the STEM careers of science, technology engineering... »

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