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Clinics Say They Are Not Equipped to Check for Ebola

The arrival of the deadly Ebola virus has put the spotlight on weak spots in American hospitals, but those facilities are not the only ones on the front lines against Ebola. »


Ebola Concerns Continue to Grow

NBC10's Christine Maddela is live in Dallas where the concern over Ebola continues to grow. She spoke to health officials who say that it's highly unlikely that Ebola will spread in America the way it did in... »

4 Questions Before You Renew Health Coverage

The health care overhaul makes renewing insurance so easy you don't have to do a thing. However, there are many reasons to resist this temptation. »

New Students Kept Home Amid Ebola Concerns

Two students from Africa who were scheduled to start classes at a New Jersey school Monday will instead stay home past a 21-day waiting period due to Ebola concerns, despite the fact that they are... »


Texas Hospital Fire Back, While Admitting Fault

Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital is firing back against criticism that it mishandled the Ebola crisis since the beginning, but hospital executives are also admitting fault. »

Ebola Fear Factor: Why U.S. Needs a Viral Reality Check

A national frenzy over the Ebola virus has led to school closings, congressional hearings and the quarantining of those who may have been exposed; but experts say politicians and the media are stoking fear of a... »

WHO Enlists Montco Firm in Ebola Fight

CSL Behring may soon join the fight against Ebola. »

3 Pennsylvanians Monitored in Texas for Ebola

Three Pennsylvanians who were on a flight from Cleveland to Dallas with a nurse who tested positive for Ebola are in Texas and being monitored for the virus. »

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