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Sacramento Patient Tests Negative for Ebola

Health officials said Thursday a patient who was being tested for Ebola in Sacramento has tested negative for the virus. State and federal officials earlier in the week said they will not divulge which West... »

Cured of Ebola: What to Know About Americans' Recovery

Two American aid workers have recovered from Ebola and left an Atlanta hospital, after weeks of intensive treatment in a special isolation unit. Dr. Kent Brantly was released from an Atlanta hospital... »

"Suicide Tourism" to Switzerland Doubles

The number of people who traveled to Switzerland for a voluntary assisted death doubled between 2008 and 2012, researchers reported Tuesday. »

CPR Training Required for NJ Students

Lt. Gov. Kim Guadagno signed a law Wednesday requiring the lesson for all public and charter school students in ninth through 12th grades »

SoCal Man With ALS Shows Why Ice Bucket Challenge Matters in Viral Video

A Southern California man shares in a new YouTube video about a family history of ALS and how he was diagnosed with the debilitating disease earlier this year at age 26. The video, which has more than 4 million... »

What Cured Ebola Patients Kent Brantly and Nancy Writebol?

The two U.S. Ebola patients left an Atlanta hospital on Thursday infection free, after becoming the first human beings to receive an experimental drug called Zmapp. »

"Thrilled to Be Alive": U.S. Doctor Beats Ebola

The American doctor who became infected with the Ebola virus while serving as a missionary in Africa said he is "thrilled to be alive" as he was released from a Georgia hospital Thursday. Dr. Kent Brantly,... »

Experimental Drug Cures Ebola-Like Virus in Monkeys

Researchers in the fight against Ebola are hopeful after an experimental drug cured monkeys infected with the Marburg virus — a close relative of Ebola — even after they began showing symptoms, NBC News... »


New Study: Public Transit = Lower Weight

A new transit study found that people who walk, bike or take public transportation to work have lower BMIs and body weight than people who drive their own car to work each day. »

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