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NBC10 @ Issue: Be The Match National Donor Program

A national donor program is getting life-saving help to people suffering from forms of blood cancer. »


How to Prepare for Allergy Season

The cold weather seems to be stalling the inevitable - spring allergies! NBC10's Tim Furlong has more on how you can prepare before the flowers bloom. »

Being Poor Is Bad for Kids' Brains, Study Says

A new study indicates children raised in poorer households have brains with less surface area, meaning they could be at a disadvantage in developing important academic skills, NBC News reported. »


Study: Family Income Can Affect Kids' Brain Structure

The study suggests that effects are not necessarily permanent, but access to resources can affect various brain measurements. »

Allergies Blow: Tips to Survive the Season

Soon enough, everyone will be walkin’ around with teary eyes and runny noses. We're talking allergies! Here are tips from Dr. Eliot Dunsky of Allergic Disease Associates on how to survive this wretched... »

NJ Physicians Not Accepting New Medicaid Patients

Most New Jersey physicians are not accepting new Medicaid patients even as more people get the subsidized health insurance. »

Classical Music Calms Cats, Study Says

Classical music helps calm down cats when they're undergoing surgery — but heavy metal songs have the opposite effect, a veterinary research team announced Monday. »


Doctors: Don't Use Kitchen Spoons for Children's Medication

Leading pediatricians suggest using metric measurements to avoid accidental overdoses in children. »

Proposed NJ Law Requires Docs to Talk About Addiction

New Jersey wants doctors to discuss addiction with patients when prescribing certain medications. »

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