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Good Samaritan Possibly Exposed to Rabies

Officials are searching for an unidentified Good Samaritan who may have been exposed to rabies after saving a girl from a rabid raccoon. »

Zika Scare Reopens Abortion Debate in Brazil

Fears over the Zika virus are reopening the debate over abortion in Brazil, where the procedure is illegal under most cases, NBC News reported. Brazilian bishops opposed a petition seeking to expand abortion... »

Obamacare Posts Respectable Sign-Up Season

Still facing political jeopardy, President Barack Obama's health care law beat expectations by earning solid sign-ups this year, according to figures released Thursday by the administration. About 12.7 million... »

CDC's Warning for Women About Alcohol Sparks Backlash

A warning from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention meant to caution women about the risks of drinking and pregnancy has set off a firestorm of outrage, NBC News reported. »


New Program to Prevent Falls

Christiana Care, in Delaware, helps seniors recover from falls, but they are also working to treat and prevent falls from happening. NBC10’s Tim Furlong reports how they are helping prevent falls. »

CDC Issues Updated Zika Guidelines

A Brazilian health official warned pregnant women to think twice before giving a kiss as global measures mounted Friday against the Zika virus suspected of a link to birth defects. »


San Diego Company Testing Possible Diabetes Cure

A San Diego biotech company believes it has found a possible cure for Type 1 diabetes. The La Jolla-based company, ViaCyte, in conjunction with Johnson & Johnson, is testing a stem cell treatment to cure those... »


Brazil Health Officials Confirm Zika Spread Via Transfusion

Two people in southeastern Brazil contracted the Zika virus through blood transfusions, a municipal health official said Thursday, presenting a fresh challenge to efforts to contain the virus on top of... »

Tx. Birth Control Fell After Planned Parenthood Cut

A study found that Texas saw a drop in women obtaining long-acting birth control after Republican leaders booted Planned Parenthood from a state women's health program in 2013, which researchers said may explain... »