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Ebola May Have Been Smoldering for Years: Study

The Ebola virus that’s killed more than 600 people so far in West Africa may have been smoldering there for years and has almost certainly sickened people who thought they had something else, researchers say. »

AIDS Virus Diagnoses Down 30 Percent in U.S.

The annual rate of diagnosis with HIV fell by more than 30 percent in the United States between 2002 and 2011, AIDS researchers announced on Saturday. »

States Sue 5-Hour Energy Over Ad Claims

Two attorney generals from the Northwest have sued the companies responsible for the popular 5-Hour Energy drink, alleging they engaged in deceptive advertising. The Oregon lawsuit filed Thursday in... »

Rutgers Evaluates Prostate Cancer Treatment

Treatment to lower testosterone is an important tool for oncologists helping men battle advanced prostate cancer. But a study published this week by researchers at the Rutgers Cancer Institute of New... »

Teen's Death Puts Focus on Caffeine Powder Dangers

A few weeks before their prom king's death, students at an Ohio high school had attended an assembly on narcotics that warned about the dangers of heroin and prescription painkillers. »

Immigrant Kids Concern Corbett

Gov. Corbett is concerned about the heath risks presented by immigrant children coming to Pennsylvania. »

Sysco Fined Millions for Storing Food in Unrefrigerated Sheds

Sysco Corporation, the world’s largest food distributor, has agreed to pay $19.4 million in penalties and restitution after an NBC Bay Area investigation uncovered the company’s secret food sheds... »

Painful Mosquito Virus Now in U.S.

A painful virus passed on by mosquitoes that has been spreading rapidly in the Caribbean and Central America has made its way to the U.S., with the first reported cases in a Florida man and woman who had... »

Government Inspectors Warned of CDC Lab Lapses for Years

A slew of newly-discovered safety violations by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention were the focus of a House subcommittee meeting on Wednesday, as were allegations that the agency sought to cover... »

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