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Slum Residents Loot Ebola Clinic in Liberia

Residents of a large slum looted an Ebola quarantine center in Liberia's capital on Saturday, raising fears that stolen items, which are likely infected with the virus, will spread Ebola throughout the city,... »

Liberia Overwhelmed by Ebola, Opens 2nd Center in Capital

Liberian authorities opened a second Ebola treatment center in the country's capital after the first became overwhelmed by patients, Assistant Health Minister Tolbert Nyenswah said. »

MRSA Breaks Out Among Firefighter Trainees in New York

A handful of probationary firefighters training on New York's Randall's Island have contracted the antibiotic-resistant bacteria, officials confirm. A type of staph infection, MRSA can spread quickly in... »

Penn's Massive Hospital Tower Moving Closer to Reality

The University of Pennsylvania Health System is moving forward with the construction of a new hospital tower that would cost, according to sources, an estimated $1.5 billion and be built in phases over... »


Back to School Health Tips

Renee Chenault-Fattah interviews nurse practitioner Cheryl Fattibene about health tips before your kids head back to school. »

Unscrambling Pa. and NJ Autism Laws

Self-insured parents of children with autism are dealing with funding gaps. »

Whole Foods Lied About Sugar in Yogurt: Lawsuit

Whole Foods Market may be forced to pay $3.5 million if accusations that it falsely advertised the sugar content on its store brand yogurt prove to be true. »

Eating More Salt Is Okay, New Study Finds

A new study suggests that it's safe for healthy people to eat about twice as much salt as currently recommended, despite federal guidelines that warn otherwise, NBC News reported. »

American With Ebola Getting Stronger, Husband Says

The U.S. woman who contracted Ebola while working as an aid worker in Liberia is gaining back her strength, her husband told reporters Wednesday from a North Carolina RV park, where he and two other missionaries... »

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