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Philly Has the Best Hotels: Survey



    It looks like the City of Brotherly Love is getting some love in return, as Philadelphia’s hotels have been rated the best among all major U.S. destinations, beating out the likes of Boston, Washington, D.C., and New York.

    A survey conducted by compared all three- and four-star hotels in 30 major destinations using customer ratings on as the basis for comparison. The ratings, running from one to five, were then categorized into positive (four or five), neutral (three) and negative (one or two).

    And of all four-star hotels, 83 percent were rated positive, 12 percent were rated neutral and 5 percent were rated negative. Additionally, of all three-star hotels, 71 percent were rated positive, 18 percent were rated neutral and 11 percent were rated negative.

    Among the other cities that were ranked near the top were Portland, Seattle and Chicago... Read more about this story on

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