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"I Am Determined to Defeat Mr. Blake Shelton": Shakira Talks "Voice" Competition on "Tonight Show"

Shakira said of new "Voice" mentor Coldplay frontman Chris Martin: "He's one of my favorite artists and as a mentor, he is a natural."



    Shakira stopped by "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon" to talk about her family, "The Voice" and her new album before delivering a rocking performance.

    First, Fallon mentioned that Shakira should have taken part of the "Funny Face" competition he had earlier with Jude Law because last year the Columbia-born singer tweeted a hilarious photo of her frowning alongside her pouting son Milan.

    "He's like my mini-me, he's identical," Shakira said.

    However, it sounds like Milan wants to be more like Shakira's husband, Spanish football star Gerard Pique.

    When Fallon asked if Milan was showed a preference for music or sports, Shakira said, "He's after the soccer ball, all day long. He likes kicking the ball."

    The late-night host mentioned that the singer's new self-titled album explored many genres--even touting a country song with Blake Shelton.

    "He's got a great voice, he's got a manly voice, that's how a man should sing!" Shakira said.

    But it didn't take much for Shakira to show the competitive side she has on "The Voice."

    When Fallon brought up "Can't Remember to Forget You"--the singer's work with Shelton's wife Miranda Lambert on the singing competition series--Shakira said, "I had to have my secret weapon. Shes like a spy in the Shelton headquarters.

    She added, "I am determined to defeat Mr. Blake Shelton."

    Shakira also talked about a new addition to "The Voice," Coldplay frontman Chris Martin.

    "He's one of the the nicest guys," Shakira said. "He's one of my favorite artists and as a mentor, he is a natural. He's sweet to the contestants and also he's very smart. The input he gives is just accurate and precise. It's a treat to have him."

    News of Martin's split from his wife of 10 years Gwyneth Paltrow had not been made public at the time of taping last night's episode.

    Finally, Shakira talked about her 8:30am performance on the TODAY show the very next morning.

    "I don't promise anything amazing," Shakira said. "I'm going to try my best!"

    Watch the interview above.