State Police Investigating Judge Judy's Son

Judge Judy

Authorities are probing the son of TV's Judge Judy — a suburban New York prosecutor already involved in a conflict-of-interest case — for his prosecution of a 2009 county sheriff candidate.

State police Senior Investigator Paul Schneeloch tells The Journal News Sunday "there are strong inclinations" the office of Putnam County District Attorney Adam Levy might've acted improperly.

DA's Ex-Personal Trainer Accused of Raping Girl, 12

[NY] DA's Ex-Personal Trainer Accused of Raping Girl, 12
Alexandru Hossu, Putnam County personal trainer who once lived in the home of District Attorney Adam Levy, the son of TV's Judge Judy, is accused of raping a 12-year-old girl he knew three years ago. Tracie Strahan has more. (Published Friday, Mar 22, 2013)

Levy's mother is Judy Sheindlin. He declined to comment to the newspaper.

Authorities are looking into allegations Levy improperly prosecuted a 2009 county sheriff candidate for petition signature fraud. They're also probing the plea deal in that case.

Prosecutors are also examining whether Levy's contribution to the defense fund of a friend accused of child-rape created a conflict of interest. Levy's recused himself and has said he's met all ethical standards.