How Technology Helps Us Forecast! Weather Education Week Activity #9

See how technology in the air and in the sky helps the NBC10 First Alert Weather Team forecast the weather. Meteorologist Steve Sosna shows you SkyForce10, our helicopter, and Storm Ranger, our mobile forecasting truck.

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Technology gives us important tools for forecasting the weather.

With these tools, the NBC10 First Alert weather team can get closer to storms, which allows us to understand how severe the weather is and where it is likely to go next. That means we can give you accurate information to keep you safe.

Steve Sosna shows you some of the tools we use, including:

Storm Ranger 10: Storm Ranger is a mobile forecasting station. It has its own Doppler radar on the truck. And the truck is strengthened so it can get closer to the storms and "see" right inside, giving meteorologists critical information about a storm from the ground level.

SkyForce 10: SkyForce is our helicopter. SkyForce has its own pilots, and reporters or meteorologists can fly inside of it to see what's going on from the sky. SkyForce helps us see the aftermath of a storm, including information such as the direction a tornado appears to have taken. And SkyForce has cameras onboard that can shoot live pictures of anything we're seeing.

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