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Scorching Temps Ahead: What to Expect and Tips for Keeping Cool In This Heat Wave

A First Alert will be issued beginning 11 a.m. Sunday as temps skyrocket upward of 93 starting this Sunday.

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What to Know

  • High temperatures in the Philadelphia region are expected to push into the 90s this weekend.
  • By early next week, a heat wave is expected as humidity makes it feel close to 100 Monday through Wednesday.
  • Be sure to drink lots of water and find an air conditioned place to cool off. If outside, wear sunscreen and seek shade.

It's not even officially summer yet, but a heat wave is expected to have it feeling that way in the Philadelphia region this weekend into next week.

Up to five straight days of 90 degrees or hotter are expected to begin Saturday. Meanwhile, a massive area of high pressure is strengthening near Bermuda -- a classic setup to bring heat and humidity to our area.

Temps on Saturday and Sunday are expected to push into the 90s. Expect a good deal of humidity and plenty of sunshine over the weekend.

A look at weekend estiamted high temperatures in the Philadelphia region
Most of the Philadelphia region should see highs in the 90s this weekend.

We could have a heat wave as early as Monday -- with three straight days of 90-plus highs -- and top out around 95 degrees on Tuesday.

Due to the drastic increase temps forecasted, NBC10's First Alert Team will issue a First Alert beginning Sunday at 11 a.m..

A look at high temps in the days ahead.

The heat feels the worst Monday through Wednesday. That's when the combination of the highest temperatures and humidity levels join forces to drive feels like temperatures to near 100.

A bar chart showing feel's like temperatures in Philadelphia
By Monday, it will be feeling near 100.

Overnight lows will also be oppressive in the highly urban corridors of Philadelphia, Trenton and Wilmington, with some neighborhoods not falling below the upper 70s at night. This Urban Heat Island Effect will add to discomfort in those areas.

We've experienced three 90-degree days so far this year in Philadelphia. In an average summer, Philadelphia endures around 21 90-plus degree days. We should tack on another five days to the count by Wednesday. This will give us eight 90-plus days before summer even officially begins on June 20.

Days in the 90s so far in 2021
This expected heat wave should add to the total number of 90-degree days in 2021.

Thunderstorms will likely break this first heat wave of 2021 Wednesday afternoon and help bring us big relief the end of next week. By Friday, we should back down into the low 80s.

Drink Plenty of Water and Stay Safe

Be sure to stay inside a safe place in air conditioning and open windows and use fans if you don't have A/C in your home. If you're using a fan, the EPA warns that windows or a door should be open to the outside; otherwise, you're just recirculating hot air, which is more dangerous.

Be sure to drink lots of water, even if you aren't feeling thirsty. And if outside, wear sunscreen and take breaks in the shade.

You should watch for signs of heat-related illness, which include headaches, nausea, dizziness, fatigue and excessive sweating.

Where to Find Relief From the Heat

Malls and movie theaters have traditionally been places to cool off during hot days. With many COVID restrictions lifted, people can go there and other public places to get out of the heat.

Another go-to spot in years past is Philadelphia's spray parks, which are open again for children to splash around in.

Plenty of people are expected to flock to the Jersey Shore, Delaware Beaches and lakes in the Poconos to beat the heat. Also, swim clubs and backyard pools of all sizes are great places to cool off -- if you have access.

Just remember to drink plenty of water, even when at the pool, on the lake or on the beach.

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