Misery Map: Where Flight Headaches Are

MiseryMap crop

With such a huge, severe storm moving across the United States as the nation enters the busiest travel week of the year, airport delays and cancellations are bound to cause headaches.

So flight tracking company Flight Aware developed an interactive map to show the airports and flight paths where fliers will experience the most misery.

The aptly-named Misery Map gives users a view of key airports around the country, showing the current number of delays and cancellations as well as the delays expected to occur over the next 24 hours. Weather systems are also included so that users can see a storm’s movement and its expected effects on flights.

While Philadelphia International Airport isn’t included on the map, it still gives outbound and inbound fliers a good view of were the trouble spots are that could cause ripple effects across the U.S. air system.

See if you or your loved one will experience misery on their Thanksgiving holiday trip by clicking below:

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