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PATCO Eliminates Transfer 50-Cent Discount



    PATCO to Scrap Transfer Discount

    PATCO announced several fare changes, including special fares for Pope Francis' visit. (Published Friday, June 5, 2015)

    Newly announced fare changes by PATCO will affect thousands of commuters that use the high-speed line connecting southern New Jersey to Philadelphia.

    The Philadelphia Inquirer reports PATCO fare cards will work on SEPTA's upcoming smart-card system, but the current 50-cent discount for transfers will be eliminated.

    PATCO's electronic Freedom card will be compatible with SEPTA's new Key fare system once it is operational later this year.

    A committee of PATCO officials authorized managers to negotiate the interoperability with SEPTA on Wednesday. The full board is expected to approve the arrangement June 17.

    The PATCO board also approved a special fare plan for Pope Francis' visit to Philadelphia on Sept. 26 and 27. A one-day pass will be sold for $5, and a two-day pass for $10.