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Get Lucky Gaming for Coupons



    Get Lucky Gaming for Coupons
    Users can ride the reindeer themselves by uploading a picture of their face. The photo is the placed on the character's body.

    Anyone who has ever dreamed of owning a pair of Lucky Jeans knows that their wallet isn’t always so lucky afterwards.

    The popular clothing line, whose jeans can cost more than $100 a pair, is hoping to drive some sales and help their customers have some fun this holiday season at the same time with a new website.

    They have launched On the site users can play a game to buck an elf, snowman or ol’ Saint Nick off a very irate reindeer for a coupon offering 20-30 percent off a purchase in-store or online. The more they win, the more they save!

    Players also have the opportunity to customize the game by uploading a picture of their face to be placed on the reindeer riding money saver. The “bucked” version of you can then be sent to your friends.

    Check it out!