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Playboy Loves Pat's "Greasy Masterpiece"



    Playboy Loves Pat's "Greasy Masterpiece"
    Pat's cooks up a greasy masterpiece that made the people over at Playboy hunger for more.

    Philadelphia will forever be etched in the hallowed halls of Playboy history.

    And it’s not for Stoya.

    As a matter of fact, it was nothing to do with an actual person.

    Rather, Hugh’s crew at voted Pat’s famous cheesesteak as one of the top-10 sandwiches in the country.

    The site went through the proper way to order and called the South Philly staple a “perfectly made, greasy masterpiece.”

    Now everyone has his or her favorite, and debates can, and will, rage on until the end of time. But, we should just be happy that Philly got a mention.

    Even if they’re wrong.

    Clearly, the Playboy folks missed Dalessandro's -- obviously the best cheesesteak in the city.

    Argue below.