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Hey Philly, Jon Stewart Says You’re a Bunch of "Bleeps"



    Hey Philly, Jon Stewart Says You’re a Bunch of "Bleeps"
    Jon Stewart obviously doesn't view Philly sports fans kindly.

    Daily Show” host Jon Stewart took a stab at Philadelphians during Wednesday night’s episode.

    Stewart was talking about an alleged plot by North Korea to fire a missile at the United States over Independence Day weekend.

    A pretty serious subject but nothing ever remains serious on the Daily Show. The comic host compared a missile in the sky during the 4th of July as being like a series of expected events like having a seizure at a rave or being dressed as a drag queen on Halloween.

    But Stewart finished him comparisons with a direct knock on Philly sports fans. “Or like being an [expletive] in Philadelphia,” he said.

    That’s right, Stewart called us a bunch of a-holes.

    Oh yeah, it should be noted that Stewart is a rabid Mets fan. He must just be salty about the whole World Championship thing.

    And, he’s a comedian who was certainly just having fun while dealing with a serious topic of possible acts of war. But, still, why is everybody always picking on us?

    We should all hassle Stewart -- give him hell. Oh wait -- would we then prove him right?

    See the comments yourself by skipping ahead to 1:40 in the video below.

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