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Man Sees Action After NBC 10 Investigators Story



    Man Sees Action After NBC 10 Investigators Story
    This was what the mess looked like.

    He puts his life on the line every day for people in the city but one Philadelphia firefighter said when he needed help, he couldn't get it.

    There was a big pile of garbage just yards from Keith Czaja’s home. Everyday, he and all his neighbors put up with the disgusting eyesore, he said.

    He called the city's 3-1-1 non-emergency line for help, but that was months ago and the pile of trash was still there, Czaja said.

    That was until he called Harry Hairston and the NBC 10 Investigators.

    Talking Trash on Philly's 3-1-1

    [PHI] Talking Trash on Philly's 3-1-1
    The 3-1-1 system is supposed to help residents solve problems, but one firefighter says his request to clean up a trash dump has given him nothing but a headache.
    (Published Thursday, March 10, 2011)

    It turned out that the trash pile was on property owned by the Philadelphia School District.

    Hairston called school officials and they got right on the problem. Within hours, clean-up crews were on the scene.

    The city couldn't do anything about cleaning up privately-owned property, a representative from the Mayor’s Office said.

    Czaja should have known that fact, the representative said. In fact, they said they told him that shortly after he called. But Czaja said he never got that call from the city.

    But now, Czaja and his neighbors are finished with their trash troubles and thrilled that they called the NBC 10 Investigators.