Will Vick Be Out of the NFL Next Season?

Michael Vick is more likely to be out of the NFL than to play for the Eagles next season.

That’s according to the odds of an online proposition bet posted to Bodog.net.

The Week 11 Special asks: “Which team will Michael Vick be a member of for Game 1 of the 2013 Regular Season?”

The leader at 5/2 odds is “Not on an NFL Roster” -- as they called it on 94-WIP, being “McNabbed” -- with the Buffalo Bills in a close second at 3/1 odds.

The odds makers have Vick, who is currently out with a concussion that will likely once again cost him from playing 16 games, at 6/1 odds to return to Philly.

The other options are the Cardinals at 5/1, Jaguars at 6/1, Chiefs at 7/1 and Jets at 11/2.

The line got plenty of chatter during afternoon sports talk radio and it does address a question that Eagles fans and football fans all around have been wondering, are Vick’s days with the Birds numbered? Birds Nest blogger Ryan Wilson says Nick Foles being the starter next season isn’t a foregone conclusion even if the Eagles change coaches. The next head coach could opt to keep Vick depending on the offense he’s running.

If you were a betting man, which of the Vick lines would you take? Or do you think another NFL team could step in to give Vick a home.

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