Vai’s View: McNabb Jersey Wearer Folded Too Fast


Jim Devlin came to Eagles camp from King of Prussia to make a statement.
He was a tough guy with a Donovan McNabb #5 Redskins jersey who was out to stage a one-man protest that his beloved Iggles traded away one of his favorite players.
But he folded faster than a Broncos rookie with full mane of hair. 
His day ended at the Eagles' makeshift outdoor Pro Shop buying a red Kevin Kolb jersey -- at retail, I'm sure -- without an Eagles discount or a gift certificate.
An Eagles official asked him to remove the Redskins jersey, which he did faster than a DeSean Jackson 40.
He told me and my radio partner, John Gonzalez, this morning on our 97.5 The Fanatic show, "I was just trying to stir the pot."
If you wanna stir the pot, you gotta bring some heat bro. You can't cook with cold grease.

I would've had more respect for his protest if he had flatly refused and they physically escorted him out, screaming, "Power to the People!" or "I love Donovan McNabb and springtime in Paris!"
Jim Devlin learned what most of us who have played football at any level -- high school, college or in the NFL -- have long known: a football team is not a democracy.  It's a Banana Republic run by a dictator.

So, when the secret police approached and demanded he remove an enemy uniform…he lost his resolve and did the only thing he could do -- snap his heals and salute.

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