Closing Ceremony

Closing Ceremony Gives Athletes Glimpse of City With ‘All Tokyoites'

Tokyo’s Olympic Stadium turned into a park for the Closing Ceremony

Photo by ADEK BERRY/AFP via Getty Images

After weeks of rigorous competition, it’s time for Olympic athletes to unwind. At Sunday’s Closing Ceremony, “All Tokyoites” gave those participants a chance to both relax and get a taste of the 2020 Olympics host city.

The organizers designed the segment to give competitors a special Tokyo experience. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, Olympic athletes did not have a chance to explore the host city like they usually would. Some athletes were even banished for trying to take in some of Tokyo’s attractions during the games.

Making use of the effects in Tokyo’s Olympic Stadium, the field was transformed into a grassy space using real turf to resemble the city’s parks. 

Music began playing from the center stage before various performers appeared in the athlete area. The Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra, pop singer Kyu Sakamoto, Tokyo Metropolitan Katakura Senior High School Brass Band, DJ Matsunaga and singer milet injected the stadium with energy as bikers and dancers flew across the stage. From Double Dutch to yoga, performers also took part in typical park activities. The segment ended with a rousing rendition of “Ode to Joy.”

After getting a view of everyday Tokyo, the athletes can take that joy home with them.

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