Takeaways From Carson Wentz's 1st News Conference Since Being Cleared

Carson Wentz, speaking for the first time since the start of the 2018 season and since he was named the starter for Week 3, is pretty excited. 

"It's been a long time coming," Wentz said with a smile on Wednesday afternoon. 

Here are some other takeaways from Wentz's press conference: 

Expectations for Sunday 
- Wentz knows he's going to be excited to get back on the field Sunday, but also knows he'll need to temper that excitement a little bit. He said he'll do it the same way he did in his first college start and the first start of his NFL career against the Browns in 2016. He thinks once the game starts, those extra feelings will go away. 

"I know that place is going to be rocking on Sunday," Wentz said. 

- Some folks might think the Eagles' offense and Wentz will start slow, but that's not what Wentz expects. "We expect to go and start fast, play fast, be clicking. I truly believe that's a realistic expectation." He admitted that doesn't always happen, but that's their goal. 

- He says he feels comfortable with his knee brace. After this season, he'll decide if he'll continue to wear it. Some QBs wear it for the rest of their careers. During training camp, he was often seen fiddling with it. That's something to watch on Sunday. 

- What would make his first game back a success? "Obviously, we want to go out there and win," Wentz answered. 

Missing Week 1 
- After setting a goal of being ready for Week 1, Wentz admitted it was frustrating to not be cleared by then. He said he wasn't frustrated at anybody in particular, but at the situation. 

- When asked if he thinks he could have played in Week 1, Wentz didn't definitely say yes, but hinted that he might have been able to play: 

"Physically, I felt good," Wentz said. "I feel about the same where I'm at (now). But at the end of the day, it comes down to what the research says, what the doctors are saying and this was the best situation." 

- Wentz was asked if it was harder mentally or physically to overcome this injury. He said both. It was a grind. 

Brothers in Christ
- Nick Foles knew this day would come, but now that it's finally here, Wentz said the two of them still have an incredibly strong relationship, based around their Christian faith. Wentz admitted from the outside it's an "interesting dynamic" but their relationship has made it possible. They really do seem close. 

"I think we, as an organization, and myself included, we owe [Foles] a lot," Wentz said. "He did some amazing things." 

Hello, old friend 
- The Eagles will still have a depleted group of receivers on the field Sunday, but at least Wentz will have his old buddy Jordan Matthews back. Wentz pointed out that Matthews hasn't been gone that long; he was even here for some of last training camp. According to Wentz, Matthews is already picking things up quickly. Matthews was the best option in a tough situation

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